Projects Possession at Yamuna Exprssway

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The long stretch of Yamuna Expressway that extends between Agra and Delhi, the two major cities of India is the current hot topic among Indian investors. There are various projects coming up in this route and the builders are gearing up with high pace to establish a new address of IT Hub. Almost about 15 new IT and ITES companies have already made their presence by inaugurating their construction in this expressway. Lot more IT companies are on their way to have their work place at Yamuna Expressway. This is the right time for people to grab good quantity of land for less and reasonable price. Once, the spot is fully developed then, the market value of the land increases logarithmic-ally and purchasing a piece of land will almost become a tough task. It is wise to possess a new property at this place as it acquires significant importance in near future. This 165 km stretch is gaining new identity swiftly with various real estate developers designing their signature towers. Construction is going on day and night and therefore possession of projects is going to happen very shortly. Think intelligently and make your presence in this new arena.

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Location Advantages

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The shortest distance between Agra and Delhi by land route is now possible. The Yamuna Expressway is now open for public to travel between Delhi and Agra. The route starts from Greater Noida and extends till Agra ring road. This route was much awaited by commuters as it cut down the travailing distance between the two cities considerably. This 165 km stretch is now a dream place for various popular real estate developers. Many construction companies have already started constructing their sky scrapers at this place. They are equally supported by many IT and ITES companies who wish to have their branch at this spot. Though there was a small lag in the opening of this expressway, the gap was instantaneously sealed by the significance it possesses among people. This route became the recent hot topic among construction companies because of significance of its presence and the pace of development happening at this expressway. After the inauguration of this Yamuna Expressway, the traffic between Delhi and Agra has eased considerably as this route acts a smooth traffic enabler. Travailing in this expressway not only relieves the commuters from traffic but also gives them piece of mind to have a memorable travel experience.

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Why You Should Invest in Yamuna Expressway?

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Yamuna Expressway, which connects the two well known cities of India, is not opened for public. Even before its formal publication, this route gained significant importance after the conduction of Formula 1 race at this place. Together with high end sporting facilities, this expressway extends red carpet for various lavish residential plots and commercial towers. Many real estate developers have already designed their lengthy towers at this route. Many ITES and IT companies have confirmed their new work place at this route. This place is developing exponentially and almost nearing its boom. This is the perfect time to invest money at this spot. Various other projects are highly competing for their space in this way. With all together, investment at this place is never going to be a question of doubt. This is an ideal arena to have a calm and quiet residential plot and at the same time, a comfortable office space. Yamuna Expressway is equally competing with great investment projects going on in Gurgaon and Noida. It has already proved to be highly efficient and potent when compared to other regions. If you are one among the person who wish to invest the money wisely, then this is the spot destined for you.

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Flexible Toll Rates

Tower A Casting of 7th Floor Roof Slab 18 july 2014 (3) Green Belt View

The 165 km stretch Yamuna Expressway that connects Agra with the capital city is current topic among both travelers and real estate developers. This stretch is like a piece of cake for many real estate companies and they utilize it to their maximum in constructing their dream towers in this route. Many IT and ITES companies have already convinced to have their new destination at this route. This is the right time for people to invest their money in this route as it is traveling towards its boom. Within a short period of time, this route will gain major importance both for constructors and travelers. This is the shortest land route possible between Agra and Delhi and it displays its efficiency in delivering a memorable travel experience to travelers. This expressway was designed and executed as per the Indian standards and rules. There is a toll tax collection point at this route which indirectly keeps a check on the passengers traveling in this route. The various advanced facilities provided by this expressway is nowhere less than the tax paid here. The amenities include the smooth and safe newly constructed roads, less travel time, six lane roads, excellent infrastructure and many more. People who wish to have a secure and safe journey will never mind paying toll tax here.

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Yamuna Expressway Projects: Connectivity Advantages

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Yamuna Expressway is well planned to link two major cities of India. Agra, the city that carries the great Indian monument and Delhi, the Capital of India is excellently connected by this Expressway. This Expressway starts right from the Greater Noida and extends till the Agra ring road. This 165 km stretch gained a new momentum after the construction of this expressway. About 650 acres of land in this route is planned for various IT developments. Companies like Wipro, NIIT, Stellar , Uppals are on their way to open their new workplace in this expressway. Investing money in buying good amount of land in this expressway is a hotcake among various investors. Right after the occupation of IT firms, it may turn to be a dream land for people who wish to possess their land in an area where there is good connectivity coupled with outstanding job opportunities. If you are one among the persons who wish to invest your money in a good and reliable land, better don’t waste your time in thinking about the future of this land. Your investment in this place will definitely give you unbelievable returns in near future. Invest smart for a better future.

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