Corporate Philosophy


KHP aims at becoming a pan-India housing company dedicated to building high-quality residential properties, which cater to contemporary lifestyles, by creating not merely beautiful spaces, but an environment conducive to taking the pressures off the demanding lifestyles we lead today. KHP believes in keeping its buyers at the core of its design.

KHP’s mission is to adopt construction methodologies that comprise of robust foundations which are seamless and elegant in appearance.


Land:  Our projects are built on lands with clear and marketable titles and conform to the land use norms as prescribed by respective state governments.


Structure & Design  :  Before undertaking construction, the selected site’s soil conditions, water quality, load bearing capacity, seismic zone classification and history, climate etc are evaluated by competent technical experts and accordingly the foundations, structure and architectural designs are created.

Aspects of Structure                 Seismic Loads, forces; Soil and foundations; Concrete and Steel

Design                                        Space resolutions; Open spaces; Interiors; Landscaping

Building Services                       Lighting and ventilation; Electricity and allied installations; Plumbing; Gas supply, Fire & Safety


We manage the affordability of our projects with: Sound planning and project management; Cash-flows management; Strict cost controls; and Stringent schedule management.