No U-turn, Committed To Second NCR Airport: Sharma

No U-turn, Committed To Second NCR Airport: Sharma
NOIDA: Junior civil aviation minister Mahesh Sharma said on Wednesday the proposal for a second airport in the National Capital Region stands.

The minister sought to clear the air a day after it was reported that he had taken a U-turn on the project after a reply by him in Rajya Sabha said the government has not cleared any proposal to set up a second airport in NCR.

Sharma said the response to the parliamentary question predated the decision on the second airport. “The answer tabled in Rajya Sabha was a reply to a question that was raised before our June 25 meeting in which we had taken a decision to develop another airport in NCR.” he said.

Sharma had said on June 26 the aviation ministry had cleared a second airport for NCR and that the proposal would be sent to the Union Cabinet for clearance.

“Final touches to the minutes of the meeting were given on July 10 and the minutes of the meeting were submitted on July 17,” Sharma said on Wednesday. “Since Delhi airport is overburdened, we are still committed to developing another airport in NCR,” he added.

Asked if the site chosen would Jewar in Greater Noida, he said, “Apart from Jewar, we are exploring other options as well because our first motive is to decongest traffic in Delhi. We are getting approvals for other locations as well.”

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