Noida Comes Together To Plant 1 Lakh Saplings In One Day

Noida Comes Together To Plant 1 Lakh Saplings In One Day
NOIDA: The city went into a ‘green’ overdrive on Saturday. Stakeholders from every walk of life came out and got their hands dirty by planting a record 1,00,000 trees on a single day. Rama Raman, chairperson and CEO, Noida Authority, kick-started the programme early on Saturday morning by planting several trees in the city’s sprawling Sector 47 park.

According to officials, 11 varieties of fruit and medicinal trees including mango, amla, tamarind, jamun, neem, etc were planted across the city. Starting from 8am, the drive continued through the day till late in the evening in every pocket of Noida. While RWAs planted 18,578 trees, village residents planted 4,525 trees.

Industrialists of the city pitched in with 4,100 trees, schoolchildren with 1,215 and public sector undertakings planted 4,689 plants. Several other institutions, wives of bureaucrats and other entities planted 66,893 trees on Saturday. Over 1,000 Noida Authority officials worked non-stop to make the drive a success.

“Mother Earth needs to be revered and that is what we want to achieve through this campaign,” said Raman. “These long-life trees planted today will go a long way in keeping our environs pollution-free and in leaving a ‘green’ legacy for our future generations. Moreover, when they bear fruit, they will provide food for the animals and birds,” he said.

Raman lauded the voluntary passion and zeal with which people of all ages participated in the mega ‘green Noida’ drive was palpable. “We have received an overwhelming response from everyone including school and college children, RWAs, institutions and entrepreneurs,” he said. “I appeal to the people to continue to plant more trees at every available space in the city and substantially increase the green lung of the city,” Raman said. “Along with tree planting, rooftop gardens should be promoted to achieve the necessary green cover,” he said.

The CCEO further promised free plants and saplings to anyone who was interested in undertaking plantation. “Our horticulture department has been instructed to provide free plants. Take us up on the offer and make Noida the greenest and cleanest city,” Raman said.

Raman also appealed to residents to devote time to not only plant more trees but also to nurture them till grow to their full potential, which would go a long way in preserving the natural resource.

Raman also formally inaugurated the mechanical sweeping machine in Noida near the Great India Place Mall on Saturday promising cleaner environs to the citizens. A special drive was launched to clean several sectors of the city including sectors 47, 18, 93B, 105, MP-II road and DSC Road.

Raman said that the machine would operate from 10pm to 6am. “Everyone must be a participant in keeping their spaces clean, only then will be able to achieve our target of being the cleanest city,” he said.

Meanwhile, not to be left behind its twin, Greater Noida too distributed 50,000 free saplings to its citizenry in order to increase the city’s green canopy. With a green budget of Rs 55 crore, the city aims to plant four lakh trees this monsoon.

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